WHAT IS ASTHMA—-Asthma is a breathing or respiratory disorder in which the airways narrow and swell up and produce extra mucus. This disease makes breathing difficult and triggers coughing, a whistling sound can be heard while breathing out, and also shortness of breath. The disease now has no cure and can be triggered by small things like dust particles, pet dander, etc. The only thing which can prevent and control the symptoms is that one should always be prepared for an asthma attack whether in-home or on road. Asthma inhalers are one of the most important instruments for an asthma patient. Most of the time, doctors suggest taking Duolin Inhaler or Asthalin Inhaler from Arrowmeds which is commonly used by asthma patients.


Tobacco Smoke—We all know that smoking is injurious to the smoker as well to the people around the smoker because of the smoke which is harmful even for a person who does not smoke and just inhales the smoke in the air helplessly, this is known as secondhand smoke. This smoke has a much more harmful effect on the person suffering from asthma it triggers an asthma attack.

Air Pollution at Outdoor level— This pollution normally comes from many sources like factories, cars, or any fire smoke; like that of the burning of wood or any other things. Exposure to such conditions and breathing in such polluted air for a long time generally increases the chances of an asthma attack. Many times when you are out you should keep your inhalers like Duolin Inhaler or Asthalin Inhaler which is recommended by your doctor with you always to avoid any kind of a serious attack. All these inhalers are easily available at Arrowmeds.


Lifestyle Changes— one should note down strategies and always practice those everywhere for avoiding common allergens and pollutants. For an asthma patient it is very necessary to wear a face mask while traveling on roads this reduces the chances of small particles of smoke as well as pollen and any other dust particles to enter the airways. One should always avoid tobacco smoke and also stay away from people who smoke in front of you. This also reduces the chance of getting an attack.

If some person is prone to getting re-occurring asthma symptoms, it is very much essential for them to adapt to a few changes in their lifestyle that can make a huge difference in taking steps in prevention from this disease. He/she should make sure that they are not exposed very much to the polluted air and breathes in clean air as much as possible.

As said by the doctors that he should never let up on his asthma medications even if he feels his condition has some changes and is improving. Asthma, this disease needs constant care and systematic management all the time. Using your inhaler is the most and efficient part of asthma management. However, there are certain steps to be followed if the person is caught without an asthma inhaler on-road or somewhere else.

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STEP 1—-It is very much necessary for an asthma patient while having a trigger or an asthma attack to sit upright and stop whatever he/she is doing at the moment. Bending over can because an obstruction in breathing even more.

STEP 2—-Taking long and deep breaths, helps to normalize the breathing system that means it slows down breathing and prevents hyperventilation.

STEP 3—-While having an attack one should always stay calm which further prevents tightening of your chest muscles and makes it easier to breathe.

STEP 4—- This step is one of the most important that one who is suffering from asthma should know about his/her trigger and at the time of asthma attack should get away from that place as soon as possible to an air-conditioned place or any place where one can get clean air. This is very essential because asthma triggers on road can happen at any point in time.

STEP 5—- The triggered person can drink some hot caffeinated drinks like coffee which help to open the airways a little, and helps by providing some relief for a couple of hours.

STEP 6—- the person who is having an asthma attack should seek medical emergency help immediately.

An asthma patient must have his/her inhaler every time wherever he/she is traveling and always ready with the asthma action plan. It is the plan discussed with the doctor one is consulting, and should visit his doctor periodically once in two weeks or once in a month if the symptoms are minor ones. And also have regular tests. Fighting with asthma and being preventive and taking every necessary step to handle asthma attacks is very systematic and the steps must be followed in order. This enables the person ready and preventive with the disease every time.