Best nightlife and bar in Dubai to get rid of your boring weekend

From luxury mansions to sky high buildings and expensive cars, Dubai is one place where there is no lack of wealth and glamour. But what does it have to offer to those who want to visit this extravagant city over the weekend? For starter, Dubai happens to be one of the top party destinations for those who love to party. There are several nightclubs and bars in Dubai where one can find everything they need for a perfect weekend party. If you are not sure which club to hit to experience the best nightlife in UAE then you may want to consider visiting Muscovites which is where party lovers from across Dubai flock during their off duty hours.

So if you are among those who work hard during the weekdays and like to party harder over the weekends then read on to find out what one of the most prominent clubs in Dubai has in store for you. 

Drinks & Dance Floor

What better way to kick off a party than popping a few exotic drinks? The huge bar at Muscovites is all about variety. Whether you are looking for a strong kick or need something light to get in the mood to party, just grab a stool at the bar and order whatever catches your fancy. Just be sure to stop before you lose control of your senses unless you want to wake up clueless the following morning with no memory of what went down the night before.

After quenching your thirst for some amazing drinks, you can head to the dancefloor where you can dance to your favorite beats and mingle with the like-minded party enthusiasts. Steal the spotlight with your jaw dropping moves on a dancefloor that can only be described as every dance lover’s oasis. 

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Food & Shisha 

After an extensive dance session, it’s only natural to crave some quick snack or a proper meal. Good thing that you can find anything you want to eat at Muscovites own club restaurant that is home to some of the most delicious local and continental delicacies one can find in Dubai. Regardless of what preferences you have in food and the world class chefs at Muscovites can always make it happen.

Finally, before your head back to your hotel room, be sure to try a shisha at the Muscovites lounge to seal the memories of a night that you are going to want to remember for the rest of your life.

While there are several other activities one can do when visiting Dubai but if the plan is to enjoy the true Dubai nightlife for adults then Muscovites club is where you are going to find it all.